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Main activities of the Shared Research and Educational Center

- Expertise in the field of drug quality control - all kinds of quality control (The accreditation certificate of Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology № РОСС RU.0001.21ФЛ05 from 17 September 2012);
- Development and validation of analytical techniques;
- Certification of dietary supplements, water, alcohol and food products using modern innovative equipment;
- Development and evaluation of technological requirements of production of medicines;

- Preclinical studies of drugs. The SREC PFUR included in the list of organizations engaged in preclinical studies of drugs;

- Study of general toxic effect (acute, subchronic, chronic toxity) for various routes of administration;
- Study of local irritating action;
- Study of the pharmacokinetics of original drugs (complete program, including the study of the processes of absorption, distribution, metabolism (biotransformation) and excretion);

- Preclinical study of comparative bioavailability of generic drugs;
- Study of clinical pharmacokinetics of drugs (I phase)
- Study of bioequivalence of generic drugs (analytical part of clinical trials);
- Clinical and diagnostic researches (hematology, biochemistry, patomorphology, coagulogy, ELISA and PCR);
- Diagnostic tests in the veterinary field;
- Researches in the field of studying the structure and properties, standardization, quality control, materials and products;
- Development and implementation of innovative educational programs for training specialists (supplementary professional education);
- Education Program "Master of Business Administration" (MBA), Major: Management in Pharmacy;
- Involvement in training scientific-pedagogical personnel, in cooperation with faculties of the People's Friendship University, which implement these programs. Retraining and professional development of specialists according to main activities of Shared Research and Education Center;
- Creation of individual training and retraining system for highly qualified specialists (bachelors, masters, Ph.D.);
- Development of cooperation with RAS and other scientific and educational establishments;
- Organization and carrying out scientific and practical activities (conferences, seminars, symposiums, forums, professional competitions);
- Carrying out research, development and engineering works on the orders of the municipal and federal government;
- Increasing international scientific and technical cooperation with foreign universities and companies with view to participation in the global system of science and education;
- Manufacturing of solid and soft pharmaceutical forms;
- Consulting services and conduct of independent examination of scientific, technical, technological, analytical, expert and methodical works according to main activities of the Shared Research and Education Center;
- Formation of the “know-how” depositary obtained in the course of joint research and development.