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Research and development department


Olga G. Potanina - Director of the Research and development department








The Research and development department provides testing of improved technologies and production of solids (tablets, inhalers, dosage forms using biodegradable polymers, multilayer coatings targeted delivery, capsules), semi-solid (suppositories, gels, ointments, creams) and liquid (eye drops, infusions) dosage forms of drugs.

The Center is also working on producing of innovative drug forms with using of nanoparticles to create lyophilic and transdermal madications, microemulsions, as well as drugs produced by SFE-technology (supercritical fluid extraction), thus reducing side effects and increasing the efficiency of the developed products.

Equipment of the Research and development department

Laboratory of pharmaceutical technology


  1. Capsule filling machine Harro Höfliger «Modu C LS» with modules for filling of capsules by powders, pellets, viscous solutions
  2. Press BOSCH «XSpress»
  3. Mixer-Granulator BOSCH «Micromix»
  4. Mini-Coater Glatt «GMPCI»
  5. Semi-automatic bottling VIPS-MED «PDP-VIPS-MED E456.00»
  6. Roller for closing aluminum caps «PZR-M-VIPS-MED E418.00»
  7. Suppositories machine DOTT. BONAPACE
  8. Friability tester SOTAX «F2»
  9. Tester to determine the bulk density of powders Erweka «SVM 102»
  10. Hardness tester of suppositories Erweka «SBT-2»
  11. Tester to determine the characteristics of the granulate Erweka «GT»
  12. IKA «MagicLab»for producing of microemulsions, gels, ointments
  13. Universal drive Erweka forsugar-coating
  14. Granulator BOSCH «Mycrolab»
  15. Nano Spray Dryer Büchi «B-90»
  16. Machine for TTS/ODF production Harro Hoefliger «PML-100»
  17. Blister machine Uhlmann «B 1240»