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Учебный портал РУДН

Metods of chemical analysis

- GC (Gas chromatography)

- GC-MC (Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry)

- HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography)

- HPLC-MS (High-performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry)

- IRMS (Isotope-ratio mass spectrometry)

- X-ray powder diffractometry

- NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy)

- Infra-red spectroscopy

- Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry

- Light and electron microscopy

- Elemental analysis

Metods of laboratory diagnosis

- ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay)

- PCR (Polymerase chain reaction)

- CE (Capillary electrophoresis)

- Microscopy

- Coagulometry

- Photometry

- Production and analysis of histological preparations

Pharmaceutical technology

- Tableting

- Filling of hard gelatin capsule

- Granulation, pellet coating with a water suspension

- Wet granulation

- Tablet coating with a water suspension

- Getting gels, ointments, creams, suspensions, viscous solutions

- Getting suppositories

- Filling and capping syrups, suspensions, solutions