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Equipment of the Test department "Drugs quality control center"


 Laboratory of chromatographic methods of analysis
  1. High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Varian «ProStar 500 Series», precolumn derivatization with a block-based autosampler Varian «410», equipped with UV and fluorimetric detectors;
  2. High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Varian «ProStar 500 Series», manual injection, equipped with UV and refractometric detectors;
  3. High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) Agilent «1200»
  4. GC-MS Varian «Saturn 2100Т/3900»
  5. HPTLC instrument «CAMAG»
  6. Gas chromatograph Agilent «7890A Series GC Custom» equipped with a flame ionization detector and a vapor-phase combined with an automatic sampler model Agilent «7694E»

 Laboratory of physico-chemical methods of analysis

  1. Atomic absorption spectrometer Varian «AA240» with a graphite furnace GTA 120
  2. FT-IR spectrometer Varian 3100 «Excalibur series»
  3. FT-NIR spectrometer Bruker «MPA»
  4. ICP optical emission spectrometer Varian ICP 720-ES
  5. Multipurpose X-ray diffraction system RIGAKU «ULTIMA IV»
  6. UV/VIS spectrophotometer Varian «Cary 100»
  7. UV/VIS spectrophotometer Varian «Cary 50»
  8. Elemental Analyzer ELEMENTAR ANALYSENSYSTEM GmbH «Vario macro CHN/CHNS»
  9. Distek Bathless Dissolution «Evolution 6100» with «Evolution 4300» Syringe Pump Dissolution Sampler
  10. Particle Counting System for Liquids PAMAS SBSS
  11. α-, β-, γ-Spectrometer «Progress»
  12. Sieve Shaker RETSCH «AS 200»
  13. Geppler’s Viscometer THERMO ELECTRON «HAAKE type С»
  14. Climate chamber BINDER «KBF 240» and BINDER «KBF 115»
  15. Polarimeter Schmidt+Haensch «POLARTRONIC NHZ-8»
  16. Melting and boiling point apparatus BǗCHI «B-540»
  17. Refractometer SCHMIDT+HAENSCH «ATR W2»
  18. Vacuum evaporator BǗCHI «ROTAVAPOR R-215»
  19. Suppository Melting Point Tester ERWEKA «SSP»
  20. Suppository Penetration Tester ERWEKA «PM 30»
  21. Manual Tablet Testing System Sotax «HT 1»
  22. Disintegration Testing Apparatus Sotax «DT 2»
  23. Titrator Karl Fisher METROHM «870 KF TITRINO»
  24. Universal Application Titrator METROHM «848 TITRINO plus»
  25. Universal Application Titrator METTLER TOLEDO «DL-22»
  26. pH-meter METROHM «827pH lab»

 Laboratory of analytical microscopy

  1. Confocal microscope NIKON «C1si»
  2. Scanning electron microscope JEOL «JSM-6490LV»
  3. Biological microscope LOMO «MICMED-6»
  4. Photon Cross-correlation sensor SYMPATEC «NANOPHOX»


 Equipment of the Research and development department


 Laboratory of pharmaceutical technology
  1. Capsule filling machine Harro Höfliger «Modu C LS» with modules for filling of capsules by powders, pellets, viscous solutions
  2. Press BOSCH «XSpress»
  3. Mixer-Granulator BOSCH «Micromix»
  4. Mini-Coater Glatt «GMPCI»
  5. Semi-automatic bottling VIPS-MED «PDP-VIPS-MED E456.00»
  6. Roller for closing aluminum caps «PZR-M-VIPS-MED E418.00»
  7. Suppositories machine DOTT. BONAPACE
  8. Friability tester SOTAX «F2»
  9. Tester to determine the bulk density of powders Erweka «SVM 102»
  10. Hardness tester of suppositories Erweka «SBT-2»
  11. Tester to determine the characteristics of the granulate Erweka «GT»
  12. IKA «MagicLab»for producing of microemulsions, gels, ointments
  13. Universal drive Erweka forsugar-coating
  14. Granulator BOSCH «Mycrolab»
  15. Nano Spray Dryer Büchi «B-90»
  16. Machine for TTS/ODF production Harro Hoefliger «PML-100»
  17. Blister machine Uhlmann «B 1240»


Equipment of the Pre-clinical and clinical studies department


 Laboratory of bioanalytical mass spectrometry
  1. HPLC-MS JEOL «JMS-T100LP-DART 100» with DART source
  2. GC-MS Varian «Saturn 2100Т/3900»
  3. Dionex (HPLC«UltiMate3000»productionDionex)
  4. HybridQ-TOF mass spectrometerBruker «micrOTOF-Q II»
  5. EvaporativeConcentrator10ECTS
  7. Electroniclaboratory balancesOHAUS Explorer Pro 214C


Equipment of the Diagnostic research department


 Laboratory of clinical and biochemical studies
  1. Coagulation analyzer «ACL 7000»
  2. Clinical chemistry analyzer «ILAB 650»
  3. Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer AUTION MAX «AX-4280»
  4. Spotchem Ez Analyzer «SP-4430»
  5. Veterinary Hematology Analyzer PCE-90Vet
  6. Electrolyte Analyzer «GEM Premier 3000»
  7. Capillary electrophoresis system «CAPILLARIS 2»
Laboratory of pathomorphology and drug toxicology
  1. Staining System LEICA «ST 5010 (Autostainer XL)»
  2. Semi-enclosed benchtop tissue Processor LEICA «TP 1020»
  3. Paraffin embedding station LEICA «EG 1160»
  4. Flattening table for clinical histopathology Leica HI1220
  5. Rotary microtome LEICA «RM 2245»
  6. Cryostat LEICA «CM 1510 S»
Laboratory of ELISA and PCR
  1. Automated, walk-away analyzer for 96-well microplate enzyme immunoassays Alisei Q.S. Radim
  2. The 12-channel ELISA microplate reader Sunrise TM (Tecan)
  3. Real-Time PCR System Applied Biosystems Inc. ABI PRISM 7500